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A New Beginning

July 08 2015
July 08 2015

The miracle of birth is a beautiful and honest beginning. But it is also a beginning that can become saturated with trials and tribulations

Juliana is a 30-year-old Kenyan woman who has become trapped into a corner of sorrow and despair. She is lost in the recent death of her two children. She is trapped by the constant memories of her abusive husband. And she is overwhelmed with the unborn baby girl with whom she is pregnant.

When Judy and I visited Juliana, depression hung from her face. As she told me about her oldest son’s death, she flipped through pictures of a clothesline carelessly attached to a live electrical wire. When he began to hang wet clothes on the line, he was electrocuted. Juliana was not present to save her child, and she has been plagued with guilt and sorrow ever since. Her daughter, who died of malaria, remains another of her unhealed wounds, and she is unable to pay for a proper burial service.

Judy and I tried to discuss more lighthearted topics with her, including her new baby to be born in two months. Juliana admitted her excitement, but only reluctantly, cautiously, as if to experience too much happiness would be an offense to her deceased children and a cruel joke to herself. She has learned not to trust joy.

Juliana then spoke of her faith in God, as well as her complete reliance on Him in all aspects of her life. I asked her if she would allow Judy and me to pray with her, which she appreciated and accepted. After we prayed, she did not let go of my hand. I looked up at an enormous smile. A smile free of restraint or caution. Juliana looked at us and said, “I feel… good.” she paused, laughed, and said with relief: “I feel… happy.” The Lord gave her a smile, a laugh, and a new freedom. God offered her and her unborn child a new beginning. Juliana accepted the gift.

“We must go through many tribulations to enter the kingdom of God.” -Acts 14:22


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jane friddell

July 12, 2015 5:29 AM

So beautiful Caroline.  the faith of the Kenyans is an inspiraiton.

Tayla Ebsworth

April 23, 2018 6:31 PM

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