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Finding Heaven on a Pilgrimage

July 07 2015
July 07 2015

Have you ever been to heaven?  Well, I visited there yesterday and it was just beautiful. Some of this may sound a little corny and you may not understand, but just believe me.  I was in heaven yesterday.  My first stop in heaven was the Masai Market.  Some of you know I hate to shop, so it may not equate, that I would call it a stop in heaven, but let me explain.  One of the most stressful places in the world for me, is shopping in the market in Africa, but yesterday was different.  I used a different buying strategy and it worked.  One vendor nick named me “happy”, as I walked through the market smiling and explaining to everyone, that I was just looking.  An angel must have been sitting on my shoulder, as I walked the isles trying to decide what to buy.  I did not feel stressed, but enjoyed greeting people.  I knew when I was finished and I felt good.

My next stop in heaven was at the Allamano school.  We went there to play sports with the students.  Jane was in charge, perhaps she was one of the angels in heaven, as she taught 60 children to play baseball.  She taught them how to cheer for the batter, hit the ball and run the bases.  Everyone had fun.  At the end of the batting the American s sang “take me out to the ball game”, to the children.  After baseball, was soccer and jump roping.  I knew it was heaven, because I saw how the love was flowing.  It was beautiful.

Heaven happened next in the men’s ward at the hospital.  Ruth, Jane and I went to visit Isaac and Peter.  I brought two cherry wood crosses, to give to each young man.  I wanted Ruth to meet Peter, because I knew she would be an encouragement to him. She was Jesus, as she encouraged Peter to take his meds, so he could get out of the hospital and stay out.  Her compassion and love filled the room to overflowing.  It sure was a piece of heaven.

The last stop in heaven for me was when Jane knocked on my door and told me my friend James (the boy I befriended 4 years ago when he had a broken leg) had come to visit.  I had just stepped out of the shower (which was also heaven - 2 shower doors, hot water and a nozzle that worked) so I dried off, dressed and went over to the other house, where James was waiting on the porch.  What a handsome young man he has become.  We took pictures before it got dark, then we sat to chat.  As we were talking he told me someone from America had come to his school and it was very inspiring for him.  I asked how this man had inspired him and he told me he had played the guitar.  The Holy Spirit whispered in my ear, that I should see if Zach would bring out his guitar and play for James.  When I went in Zach was in the middle of sharing his recent journey with the others.  I explained James’s interest in the guitar and Zach dropped what he was doing to serve another.  I saw Jesus in him, as he played the guitar for James, then taught him how to play.  Zach was so gentle and caring.  James was starting to sound good, when we stopped, because i† had gotten dark.  My heart was full, because I had spent the day in heaven.  Watch for heaven in your day, it is beautiful place to visit.


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jane friddell

July 12, 2015 5:28 AM

everyday was a new miracle.  We saw the face of God