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Luci Lights

One little light is sparking a solar revolution.

Luci Lights girls

Humanity thrives on light. Yet, so many of our brothers and sisters live in darkness. For the first time in history, solar technology has the potential to illuminate the world over – on and off the grid – with affordable, clean light.

Luci lights, manufactured by MPOWERD, are affordable solar lamps that function in any environment on earth to produce brilliant light with zero emissions.

Tree of Lives began a campaign in 2013 to bring Luci lights to poverty-stricken Kenya, one tin shack at a time. To date, through your donations, we have provided close to 1000 Luci Lights to Kenyans. There are now a handful of under-privileged Kenyan children who have light to do their homework. There are a few tin shacks that are healthier places to live because Luci Lights have eliminated the need to light by kerosene oil.

We need your help to spark the light in Kenya! For as little as $15, you can help us illuminate the world...or at least a little piece of Kenya.