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Mammas Filled to Overflowing

November 09 2015
November 09 2015

Sometimes, in the Kingdom of God you can desire to glean the spirit of another...another in the world with whom you can share the air and break bread together in laughter. That is what happened when six mazungas (white people) and nine Africans gathered at Fish Eagle in Kenya for a retreat.

In the beginning, the women from the different worlds timidly approached each other. It only took about four hours into the first day before heartfelt stories of redemption, the unequipped feeling of raising children, illnesses such as HIV and cancer, and victories in life were engulfing the moment. The three glorious days filled with praises to God, tears, joy, dancing, peace, and solitude were like water filling each woman like a vessel to overflowing. It was truly a gift to every woman there, no matter which continent claimed their residency.

The goal of the retreat was for the mamas of the Joy Village to have a break from their 24/7, never-ending responsibilities. At the retreat, we prayed for a closer walk with God and a unity of the mamas as they raise up children of the covenant together under their one roof divided into seven. God responded abundantly as always. We all left equipped for our futures. No matter what lies ahead for each woman attending the retreat, it will be a little more gentle as God blows His spirit into each moment. Thanks be to God for our blessed time together.


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