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Some Things are Better Unspoken

October 23 2015
October 23 2015

Barren Tree

Mother and Child










We certainly live in a world moving towards “social correctness.” That’s very understandable. Yet one wonders if we are trying to remove the realities of life from our world. A quick glance at the morning paper reveals the folks who have “passed away,” “gone to a higher place,” “gone to his heavenly home.” I guess that is correct, but is something missing?

Just last week I received a report from Nazareth Hospital in Nairobi. Although the report was filled with useful financial statistics my eye caught a short statement, almost crying for attention, at the bottom of the page… “During the month of September two exposed babies were orphaned due to child birth and HIV complications.”

WOW. My heart breaks for those two nameless, probably very young, women who are now dead! I can't help but think of Jesus’ own death… a reality… yet filled with pain and suffering. Good Friday is dark in Kenya, and on Calvary. As I look at the world I cannot escape the reality of my own mortality.

Yet, there is a resurrection… Easter morning! Just as Christ arose to a company of angels those Kenyan women left behind two beautiful babies - babies who are now very alive. I’m reminded of the 61 children at the Joy Village. None of those boys or girls will ever feel the hug of their maternal moms… they are dead. Yet God has brought life from death… the resurrection. Each Joy Village child has been given a new mother who will shower him or her with unconditional love… the Gospel brought to life!

In our religious tradition we don’t pray for lost souls, but I want to thank God for the lives of those two women, whose names we will never know, who have left a living legacy of God’s love that we can pick up… hug… and claim as our children.


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