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When Our Souls are Stretched to the Bursting

November 11, 2015
Janell Rardon
“Transformation is not happenstance; it is a revolution of the soul. Doing something over and over, being somewhere again and again, saying yes and yes and yes to what we said yes to before, we find, is suddenly no answer to the questions of today for us. We stop being whoever it was who began this journey. We are not now who we were. We don’t want any longer to be who we’re supposed to be. Our souls stretch to the bursting point and home becomes foreign soil. Somehow, without ever knowing that it happened, we awake to find ourselves ...


November 10, 2015
Andrea Alvord
What does it mean to be sorry?  To feel sorry for someone?  You might think that we, as extremely (materially) privileged people of the Global North, would come to Africa and see (material) poverty as it doesn’t exist in the United States and feel sorry for the people here.  This is not what happened during my pilgrimage.  The people have been sorry for me.  A simple expression, a simple word, “Sorry,” has overwhelmed me through the sincerity of the mouths that have uttered it. On my return to the Joy Village following the mama’s spiritual ...

Mammas Filled to Overflowing

November 09, 2015
Sheryl Wood
Sometimes, in the Kingdom of God you can desire to glean the spirit of another...another in the world with whom you can share the air and break bread together in laughter. That is what happened when six mazungas (white people) and nine Africans gathered at Fish Eagle in Kenya for a retreat. In the beginning, the women from the different worlds timidly approached each other. It only took about four hours into the first day before heartfelt stories of redemption, the unequipped feeling of raising children, illnesses such as HIV and cancer, and ...

The Power of Love

November 05, 2015
Kelly Alcorn
Have you ever held the hand of an abandoned child? One with big, brown eyes and a pearly white smile. So loving and sweet they just melt your heart. These past two weeks have been filled with such joy. We have been welcomed by the Joy Village Children and their mamas with open hearts. They are such a loving group. You would never guess these children have lived in unsafe, neglectful environments prior to their current home. Many have been sexually and physically abused by their families of origin. Some, were even abandoned. For the past five ...

Pennina's House of Faith

November 03, 2015
Susan Rawls
Last week, I had the pleasure of spending the night with Pennina and her ten wonderful children. As soon as I walked into her very clean home, I saw pictures of Jesus, Bible verses, and children's artwork decorating the walls. I felt right at home as God's presence filled the entire place. The children treated me like an important guest and serenaded me with songs and silly giggles. There was joy among the children as they cleaned and shined their shoes and did their homework. Pennina told me that God gave her a vision years ago that she ...

Gifts and Skills are Not Enough, but God Is

November 01, 2015
Bill Rawls
Kenya, Oct 28 Today, I talked through the disappointments of the mission field with my team members.  I also saw things that cannot be fixed clinically, such as the souls contained in the diseased or congenitally incomplete bodies of some of the patients at Nazareth Hospital.  What these individuals have already endured, I cannot imagine. Today, I met with a 21 year old man who has a congenital condition called extrophy of the bladder.  His urinary bladded was never formed in his mother's womb.  He was left with a bowl which sticks out of ...

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