Annual Report



It would be hard to start this letter with anything other than THANK YOU. 2018 has been a tremendous year for Tree of Lives. All of the victories we’ve achieved are equally shared triumphs. Each season, each pilgrimage, and each person within these ministries weaves an indelible thread into thousands of lives and stories, including ours. We are better because you are with us. Thank you. 

The work you do and enable creates ripples of change that cannot be overestimated and will never be quelled. This change knows no borders. This year our HIV+ peer mentors at the Holy Family Center (HFC) earned the attention of the First Lady of Zimbabwe, who traveled to Kenya to meet this remarkable group of young adults and learn from their experiences. This is just one of the amazing programs at HFC, which serves almost 5,000+ HIV+ patients.

In our Mother to Mother program, we celebrated our 300th HIV negative baby born to an HIV+ mom. Two full classes of third-grade graduates from our 

Allamano School will be able to complete their education through eighth grade thanks to scholarship funding. Our fifty-nine Joy Village kids continue to thrive - we even have two students at the tops of their classes! And so much more. 

We cannot say enough how treasured and important you are to this Kingdom work. Your partnership is vital, and the love and support you show so faithfully is a rich gift to so many. I am excited to see what is next on this incredible journey and to take those steps together. Good stuff!

In Him,
Jim Wood
President Tree of Lives