167 Club FAQ’s


How much does it cost to provide care for one child for an entire year?

You can sponsor a child's entire care for one year for $2004 via check or credit card or in 12 monthly installments via automatic withdrawal from a debit or credit card.

What does my sponsorship provide?

Your donation covers all the costs to take care of one child, including housing, food, clothing, medical care and education.

Once I commit to sponsor a child, will that child’s background information and photo be shared with me? Will I be able to communicate with the child? 

Upon sponsoring a child, you will receive a photo and current information about the child, such as grade level, favorite hobbies, and other personal details. For privacy, background information will not be made available. You will receive at least three communications per year about the Joy Village and your child. These may include pictures, school reports, letters, and other updates. Due to the sensitive nature of our children’s pasts, however, all communication will be one way, from child to sponsor.

Does the Joy Village have needs outside of those that the 167 Club supports? 

Yes. While the 167 Club provides for the essentials for each child, there are also building, maintenance, and other administrative costs that must be met. All donations are treasured and help enrich the lives of our children. 

What happens if my situation changes and I am no longer able to continue sponsoring a child?

Although we hope to develop long term relationships with our sponsors, you may stop sponsoring a child at any time; please just let us know in writing.

Are any administrative or other costs deducted from my sponsorship donations?

No. 100% of child sponsorship donations go to the care of the children.

Is my sponsorship donation tax deductible? Will I receive a statement of my contributions for tax purposes?

Yes, all donations are tax deductible. Tree of Lives is a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code (tax ID number: 47-4993846). We will provide you with a record of your contributions shortly after year end.