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The children who call Joy Village home come from a life on the streets or a home environment of neglect or abuse. Most enter Joy Village suffering from HIV+/AIDS, abandonment or severe neglect. Their needs are significant; the financial cost is high.

$167 per month, per child, to be exact.

You may know of other organizations that charge less to sponsor a child, much less. They are worthy organizations but they do not provide complete care for orphaned children. At Joy Village, not only do we take on guardianship of each child through adulthood, we take care of every need that they have need your help.

Why 167?

It takes approximately $34 per month to provide housing for one Joy Village child. This cost includes utilities, maintenance, and security. The Joy Village is a beautiful home divided into several condominiums, one condo per family. Security is a priority because our moms live alone with their children, surrounded by a community suffering extreme poverty and desperate situations.

It costs approximately $54 per month to feed each child at Joy Village. That computes to $.60 per meal. Don't let the low cost per meal fool you. We have been a guest at the dinner table at Joy Village - the children are fed well! Meal times are the highlight of each family's day. As in a typical American family, the dinner table is where the moms discover what really took place at school that day, where they listen to their children's dreams and where they teach them what it means to live a life pleasing to God.

For approximately $10 per month, each child at Joy Village is provided appropriate clothing for school, church and play. The children take such great pride in their clothing. Most of them are old enough to remember what it was like to be an outcast of society, going out into the community in threadbare dresses and shirts that identified them as neglected and unwanted. But they are neglected no more. They go to church and school in clean, well-mended clothes and they feel good about themselves rather than ashamed. All for $10 a month.

It costs approximately $27 per month to provide each child at the Joy Village adequate medical care. Most of the children come from backgrounds of neglect and many are HIV+. Their needs are extensive. Tree of Lives provides every child health insurance, medications, regular visits with physicians and specialists and therapy for the emotional damage brought on by prior neglect and abuse. Thanks to the US government and the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (Pepfar), Kenya has received $517.3 million to support comprehensive HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care programs.

For $42 per child per month, we provide a quality education for our Joy Village children. In 2012 we brought education specialists from America to Kenya to do an in-depth examination of each child's current academic status and any special needs. These specialists visited the schools the children were then attending, interviewed teachers, and looked into their curriculum. The specialists also interviewed another large organization that rescues orphans in Kenya and around the world, seeking input and direction on how best to serve our kids academically. It was decided that it was in the children's best interest to transfer to a highly respected private school, where they could receive much-needed remedial education and tutoring. The children are thriving academically and socially at their new school. Their futures are bright.

We supply each child access to social workers and counselors, tutors, medications, physicians, tuition to a school where they receive remedial instruction, clothing, food and health insurance, all within a family.





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We need your help; the children need your help! You can be a part of this life-changing work we do by becoming a sponsor.

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Please consider donating $167 per month to sponsor one of our our precious children!

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