Nazareth Hospital

Nazareth Mission Hospital was founded by the Consolata Sisters from Italy in 1964 to meet the needs of the rural population just outside Nairobi. Since the formation of Tree of Lives in 2004, we have worked in partnership with Nazareth Hospital to serve the least, last, and lost of Kenya through pastoral support, medical treatment, financial assistance, and the ministries below.


What Tree of lives provides Nazareth Hospital:


1. Fully supports the Nazareth Charity Fund that provides medical and financial support for the neediest patients to receive quality care and prescription medications.

2. Funds the Pastoral Counseling Center, one of the only teams of its kind in Africa. This team provides thousands of hours of counseling to patients and training to Nazareth staff, local church & community leaders.

3. Trains pastors and staff for the hospice (palliative) care program that provides quality holistic care to those who suffer from terminal disease and to their families.

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