The Power of Love

By: Kelly Alcorn


Have you ever held the hand of an abandoned child? One with big, brown eyes and a pearly white smile. So loving and sweet they just melt your heart. These past two weeks have been filled with such joy. We have been welcomed by the Joy Village Children and their mamas with open hearts. They are such a loving group. You would never guess these children have lived in unsafe, neglectful environments prior to their current home. Many have been sexually and physically abused by their families of origin. Some, were even abandoned.

For the past five years, Tree of Lives, have supported these children. The services they provide include: a home, an education, a mama, medical care, clothes, food, counseling, and lots of love. The Joy Village continues to grow as more and more children enter the program. Because of this program, these children are healing wounds we can see and those we cannot. Their smiles radiate and their laughter is infectious. My eyes tear up just thinking about where they came from and where they are now. They are healing each and every day. They no longer live in fear. They are safe! Warm beds, nourishing food, new friendships, and the love of a mama have allowed these children to rebuild their lives and become hopeful. God is indeed, GREAT!

Rebecca Topping