Surgery at Nazareth

by Peyton Tysinger



Eleanor and I had the incredible opportunity to watch surgeries performed in the hospital this week. The doctors and nurses were kind and welcoming and even let us stand closer to the patient than maybe we were prepared for. They were so attentive and caring that they even caught me before I hit the ground as I fainted - yikes! Eleanor was able to stick around for two other surgeries. Being with the doctors as they worked behind the scenes was such a wonderful experience and I think we both learned that this facility is one in which the care and compassion of the doctors and nurses really shines.

Nazareth Mission Hospital was founded by the Consolata Sisters from Italy in 1964 to meet the needs of the rural population, just outside Nairobi, Kenya. Since the formation of Tree of Lives in 2004, Tree of Lives has worked in partnership with the Hospital to serve the least, last, and lost of Kenya through pastoral support, medical treatment, financial assistance, the Holy Family Center, the Joy Children’s Village and the Allamano School.

Rebecca Topping