Welcoming Two New Joys

kids at joy village.png

This week we welcomed two beautiful children to our Joy Village in Kenya. What a privilege! Diko, a sweet, four-year-old little girl was welcomed into Mama Elizabeth's house, and Isacko, a precious four-year-old boy was welcomed into Mama Peninah’s house. Each of our six Joy Village mamas cares for 8-12 children in a loving Christian family. Most of our Joy Village kids come from backgrounds of abuse or neglect and many are HIV+. In the safe and loving atmosphere at the Joy Village, however, they have the opportunity to grow into a bright future that is not defined by their past.
We can't wait to see what the Lord will do in these children's lives!

You can help and make a difference! Consider joining our 167 Club to sponsor Diko, Isacko, or another great kid (or kids!) at the Joy Village. The 167 Club covers the costs to provide medical care, housing, food, clothing and education for each child.

Learn more here about the 167 Club.

Rebecca Topping