It Takes a Village

joy village joseph.jpg

The Joy Village is a pretty special place for the kids who live there, but also for the community that surrounds them. Located about 15 minutes from Nazareth Hospital, The Joy Village is home to 60 kids. The neighborhood around this special place has come together to build up the kids and play significant roles in their lives. Like children here in the US, the Joy Village kids go to school, do homework, play in the yard and do chores. They even have special events at school that call for friends and parents to attend. Mr. Nganga, a neighbor at the Joy Village and a village elder, was asked by one of the children to attend a Father's Day ceremony that was held at Komothai High School. He gladly accepted and went as a father figure for Patrick, who came to Joy Village in 2011. What a blessing that this community comes together so our Joy Village children can grow in a safe and healthy environment, and feel God's love that surrounds them.

Rebecca Topping